Abhaya and The Steam Injuns Release Third Album

TriSoul – Album artwork by Manohar Rai

Abhaya and The Steam Injuns are back with a bang! The band were spotted at The Factory in Thamel on 21st December at the launch of their third album ‘TriSoul’. I guess the rockstars weren’t following the “End of the World” hype. Psst, it was totally lame anyways. Their new album features nine tracks and the band will also be providing music for the upcoming Nepali film UMA starring Reecha Sharma. Insiders say their upcoming music video Siri Ma Siri is the best from the band so far. Well I’m certainly looking forward to viewing the video. Lead singer Abhaya Subba is joined by lead guitarist Rajiv Rinchen Palzar, Shailendra Singh on keyboard, Tsewang NT Hyolmo on bass and Nabin T Magar on drums.

Those in Darjeeling will be able to hear some sweet music from the band on 27th December 2012 when they perform at Chowrasta. The band will be performing in the hill town after six years and have already expressed their sincere excitement for the gig scheduled ahead. The event is slated to start from 5.30PM onwards.

On the side-note, I used to be a die hard Abhaya and The Steam Injuns fan. I remember making my parents drop me off to Penguin Swimming Pool in Pokhara to see them perform. I was so excited. At that time, Sapana ra Kartabya and Sakdina were the Top Songs on my barely working iPod shuffle. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on their third album very soon. And you guys should get the original copy too.

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