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Tired of seeing ugly political slogans written on the walls surrounding Kathmandu? Or those tacky posters of various political parties and the vulgar film posters of our Nepali cinema that we often have to look at when we find ourselves stuck in traffic. Well Sattya Media Arts Collective have a goal to colour the streets of Kathmandu and bring it to life. Many of you may have already seen some of the funky artwork that is now on display to the valley residents. Sattya in their own words want to “transform Kathmandu into a colourful open gallery space and make it a place with art for the people, by the people”.

Apart from bringing our city to life, Sattya is a dedicated resource network for artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and other creative types in Nepal. If you feel like you are one of them and want to meet individuals with similar interest then you should definitely volunteer with Sattya as it’s a great way to meet new people as well as to be part of something fresh and creative. On top of that, you can even find intern positions or paid positions to work with the group. Volunteering or interning at various organisations is a great bonus to your personal statement/CV, especially for the many young-folks who are planning to venture abroad for higher studies.

Well I shall definitely be on the lookout for more colourful sightings around Kathmandu the next time I am there.

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  1. Hey Lexa,
    Thank you for spreading good words about Kolor Kathmandu. I’m going to put your link on our facebook.
    I had a small request in exchange. The first two street art is not of KK, it was done by Bruno Levi for his Big Foot project. We don’t want our followers to be confused, also it’s not fair to the artist who made it.
    Could you please replace it with any other artwork done by Kolor Kathmandu? We have plenty of them on our website, and facebook. Also, it’d be great if you could give us credit.

    Thank you again!

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