NEW VIDEO! Baby I by Arluv Gurung

I don’t really share much about musicians and music videos on my blog but I just had to with this one.

A, I’m a huge fan of club bangers and Baby I is a hugeee club tune! The beats and the repetitive chorus makes one want to move to the tunes instantly. I can totally see this becoming a huge number at the Nepalese parties in the UK. Till now most parties tend to play Raat Vari by GXSOUL all the time so this will indeed be a breath of fresh air.

B, The video looks young, fun and classy! The effects and the use of colour definitely works for the song, great job by the direction/creative team. It’s quite unfortunate to know that there are still music videos made that are nothing but 4-minute of cringe parade.

C, The video also has quite a few guest appearances. You can spot Manas Ghale from Nepsydaz, Alis Rana from COD, Viber & Bulletflo from GXSOUL and Kim & Imp.

D, I just love the use of the girl, Suzie for the chorus. She definitely brings it. Adds a whole new flavour!

Let me know what you guys think of the song and the video!

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  1. One of the best song in Nepalese music history. And this is the first electronic song of Nepal with +50k views just within 4 days of release. Don’t under-estimate young talents.

  2. All the electro songs do use auto-tune, like you use photo-shop to edit your picture. Straight on your face B

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