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The Signaturee Crew are back with the Nepalese New Years Eve party on Saturday 13th April. The boys have vowed to bring their best and have even found a new swanky venue at Millbank Tower. Those seeking VIP treatment will be partying it up on the 28th floor at THE SKYLOFT. Standard ticket holders will be dancing the night away on the 2nd floor at the LASCADE. The LASCADE also offers a splendid view of London. The night will kick off earlier than usual at 8PM and is expected to go on until 5AM (subject to approval by the Westminster Council, or else the night will conclude at 3AM). Avoid the hassles by purchasing your tickets in advance and arriving extra early. It is a New Years Eve night so you can expect Nepali parties everywhere to be pretty packed. Advance tickets are currently on sale at £10 for standard and £15 for VIP. The crew will have DJ BICKEY and DJ CVA on the decks with an additional third DJ to be confirmed. Each floor has a maximum capacity of 600 each so that is a total of 1200 party people spread between the standard and the VIP floor. With that in mind, hope you guys plan your night out well, do avoid delays and for further questions – contact the events team on the number below. Head over to Facebook and you shall be constantly updated regarding the night.

▬▬▬▬▬▬ Standard/Normal tickets (2n’d floor –  LASCADE) ▬▬▬▬▬▬
• Fully windowed floor boasting a clear view of the London eye, House of parliament, the Shard, the Thames riverbank and the nightlife on the street below.
• Four elevators provided to get to the standard floor (LASCADE). These lifts only go to the 2’nd floor.
• Full sized bar for a fast customer service.
• Fully furnished state of the art lasers, lightings and speakers. LCD Screens and confetti for the countdown.
▬▬▬▬▬▬ VIP tickets (28’th floor –  THE SKYLOFT) ▬▬▬▬▬▬
• Witness all the majestic view of Central London through full windowed 28’th floor of the ‘SKYLOFT’.
• Separate VIP elevators to the VIP floor (SKYLOFT), provided with 4 (four) lifts going to 28’Th floor only.
• Access to both the LASCADE and THE SKYLOFT floors of the club.
• Full sized VIP bar for a fast customer service. This floor is also provided with mobile shot bars and shot girls.
• Fully furnished state of the art lasers, lightings and speakers. LCD Screens and confetti for the countdown.
Confirm Your Attendance on Facebook!
Bisesh: 07540422096 (London)
Dipesh: 07411189665 (Hampshire)
Nashib: 07853058371 (London)
Sharmain: 07838422279 (Hampshire)
Suman: 07584047621 (Kent)
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