Live For Change To Conduct Health Camps in Nepal

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The members, volunteers and some of the guests
The members and volunteers

Entertainers for the evening at the Folkestone dinner
Entertainers for the evening at the Folkestone dinner

Ladies from Live For Change welcome guests
Ladies from Live For Change welcome guests

Live For Change, a small charity organisation led by a young team will be conducting several health camps in Nepal this year. The group have been fundraising since the past year with charity dinners held in Basingstoke and Folkestone. In addition to the dinners, the team have also consistently made their presence felt at the various social events taking place within the Nepalese communities in the UK. Committee members of Live For Change, Roshani M Rajbhandari and Prena Limbu have already arrived in Nepal for the preparation of the health camps. Samir Gurung, Chandrika Gurung and Suraj Gurung are expected to leave very soon for Nepal. Live For Change have planned for the health camps to be conducted in each of the five development zones in collaboration with Medics and Paramedics Professional Nepal. The grand project aims to provide free general medical examinations, vaccinations to children and raise awareness regarding general health and hygiene.

The plan for the health camp is to be conducted in Doti, Dhanusha, Rasuwa, Chyanthapu (Panchthar), Emelia (Kapilvastu) and Melamchi (Sindhupalchown).

The team have set up their very own GoFundMe page where you can donate any amount you wish to. Even if its just £1, please donate or share this wonderful action by these young folks. Wishing the team all the best, hope you guys bring back lots of good memories and photos and videos to share as well #liveforchange

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UPDATE: The team finished their very first health camp in Chyangthapu (Panchthar). The members shared that the camp was successful and able to bring people from afar. Their next stop is Dhanusa.

The Nepal and UK Team together
The Nepal and UK Team together

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