Happy Birthday Jharna Bajracharya!

A recent photo by Anish Shakya for the Nari Diwas shoot
A recent photo by Anish Shakya for the Nari Diwas shoot

A very old photo of Jharna'
A very old photo of Jharna’

Snapped by Shashank Pradhan
Snapped by Shashank Pradhan

Actress and model Jharna Bajracharya turns 32 today! The former Miss Nepal who is also the very first representative from Nepal at Miss World recently completed the dubbing for her upcoming film ‘Safe Landing’. Apart from the odd few films, these days Jharna can be seen frequently as a model at various fashion shows taking place in Kathmandu. Jharna remains devoted to her spiritual practice and often conducts meditation classes. Having been part of several popular music videos from Na Birse Timilai, Dubna Deu to Laijaa Re, Jharna continues to grace the TV screens across the country with more music videos on the way. She was also featured on the video for Bachunjelilai alongside Ram Krishna Dhakal, directed by Bhusan Dahal.

Many of you know me as the “Jharna fan” and till this day, I continue to support her. The Ek Chin with Jharna Bajracharya interview was one of the best opportunity that I received, come on, it was like a dream come true… from being a near-enough stalker to what I am now, even I like to give myself a pat on the back sometimes hahaha. Anyways, I am delighted to see her where she’s at today, juggling both worlds together.

Wishing good health and an infinite amount of positive energy to my favourite Nepali personality, the one and only Jharna Bajracharya

My Favourite Jharna Bajracharya Video is
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  1. She was so beautiful when she was young. And she is still beautiful today. Once when she was active in the industry, i thought there will be no one every to compete with her .But she disappeared 🙁

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