VIDEO EXCLUSIVE! Yo Timlay Garda Ho – James Shrestha

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Here is the music video of ‘Yo Timlay Garda Ho’ by UK based Nepali rapper James Shrestha. Also featuring on this track is the popular group GXSOUL all the way from Nepal. Talk about a transnational collaboration aye! The UK part of the video has been made by the recently formed group Origami Pictures. The charming face romancing James Shrestha on the visual goes by the name of Linda Eden Lama. Yo Timlay Garda Ho definitely gives a much more mature vibe from James Shrestha. The previous, Timi Nai Timi was very catchy yet at times annoying too. This is easy to the ears and will certainly find itself on the playlist of many all over, download the original on iTunes!

Yo Timlay Garda

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