Shristi Shrestha Shines in BISHWO GAUTAM

Shristi Shrestha TRENDSETTERS 1
Standing tall and flaunting a BISHWO GAUTAM design.

Shristi Shrestha TRENDSETTERS 3
Our designers are doing great, take a bow Mr Gautam

Shristi Shrestha TRENDSETTERS
How amazing does the venue look? And the models of course.

Its only been a few days since Shristi Shrestha handed her crown over to the new Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha but the former beauty queen was already back in action on Friday night at TRENDSETTERS 2 by Vootoo Entertainment. The leggy lass and one of the most popular Miss Nepal was flaunting a Bishwo Gautam design and boy did she look like Billion Rupees ;). Apart from Shristi looking out of the world amazing, the fashion show on a whole was spectacular and continued to redefine ‘Nepali Fashion’. Great job to the team behind the making of TRENDSETTERS and those involved in making the models extra extra glamorous. Huge shout out to the current and upcoming Nepali designers, you guys are doing a great job and your creativity and following definitely is evident of that. The photos belong the ace photographer Anjil Maskey, huge thank you to him for capturing the moment so beautifully, feels like I’m totally there. Now that Shristi has completed her year of Miss Nepal reign, it is unsure whether she will remain and work in Nepal.

Shristi Shrestha TRENDSETTERS 2
Shristi Shrestha – former Miss Nepal (2012).

PS. Many were a bit anxious when Shristi Shrestha took the mike for her farewell speech at the Miss Nepal 2013 pageant however she surprised many by pulling off quite a nice genuine speech. Watch the video of her final moment below (07:00).

What do you guys think?? Does she look Hott or not??

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