Priyanka Karki Wears Prabal Gurung


Energetic performance by Miss Karki
Energetic performance by Miss Karki

Flying high...
Flying high…

Priyanka Karki wearing Prabal Gurung. With HAA's Manish Pandit
Priyanka Karki wearing Prabal Gurung. With HAA’s Manish Pandit

Design by Suruchira Shakya
Design by Suruchira Shakya

Actress Priyanka Karki was seen flying high at the TRENDSETTERS 2 fashion event for her dance performance. The actress was lowered from a height of 50 feet, hats off to Priyanka for pulling such a move, probably a first from a Nepali artist. Later on she was joined by fellow beauty queen Anupama Aura Gurung as they busted out their moves to the popular smash Scream & Shout by featuring Britney Spears. The night didn’t end there for Miss Karki who also took to the runway flaunting a dazzling black dress by designer Suruchira Shakya. I also noticed that the actress also wore the red dress from Prabal Gurung’s LOVE Collection. Huge thanks to Krz Photography for the photos.

Fans of Priyanka must be on cloud 9 as the actress seems to be everywhere, if its not her films such as 3 Lovers, Kollywood and the upcoming Vigilante 3D, Priyanka can be seen on the TV sets with her recently released ‘Nepali Thito’ music video by Dil Tamang or hosting and gracing the countless events in Kathmandu from the Samsung Galaxy Launch, Miss Nepal to the Trendsetters 2.

Enjoy the video! Quite a nice catchy song. Directed by Alok Nembang.

PS. The actress was also spotted wearing a white floral Prabal Gurung dress on her birthday.

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  1. Oh cmon you little girl grow up! You wore Prabal Gurung’s collection from Target which is like the cheap run down version of Prabal Gurung. She just wants attention like all the friggin time its getting annoying. She shows up at every part every event , rumors about her divorce, talks about sex in the media like dude we get it you want attention but you can get that without screaming ‘LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I came from the US and now I’m an actress that has style and is very modern in Nepal woohoo.’ When you get famous world wide and start wearing his real collection I will happily say wow she’s made it but right now this girl needs to stop acting like she’s some kind of millionaire princess while getting 1 lakh per movie. No body likes show offs and specially not in Nepal. Learn to have some ACTUAL CLASS and be sober.

    • I think what you are saying makes sense but come on if you have actually followed her or know of her I think she makes it a point to at least make an effort for Nepali Designers. So what’s wrong in getting dolled up for an event its better than showing up in jeans or just a pair of casuals.One of the main reasons why celebrities aren’t appreciated is because they don’t act like one and when they do they get criticized for acting like one.
      Ok so the collection is from Target so WHAT does that mean its NOT A PRABAL GURUNG. So she gets paid in lakhs in for a movie SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN SHE IS NOT AN ACTRESS. I mean how many at her age can boast of a six figure salary for working for 25 days.
      In Rome do as the Romans so I think if she wants to raise the bar by wearing designer clothes and screaming look at me…
      Tell me “WHO IS NOT LOOKING AT HER”…

      Keep your head straight know which country you are living in and behave like one… She is not a princess but she sure makes it seem like she is one…

    • I actually Think you’re correct. I appreciate the flim industry, But this Girl is a Attention seeker..
      Just change this behaviour girl , this annoys a lot of people.
      And Btw there must be a good reason to look at a person.. Even a hoe gets the look by the people that doesn’t mean she’s a Vigin ! lol

  2. she is in my fb too …a tad bit narcissist she seems…so what??? .. every successful people are bit narcissist…i havnt seen as much of fire or desire to succeed in any of other nepali celebrities like she does… others celebrities seem to be ambitious till its conventional road…i know woman that much ambitious are bound to get lot of haters but i dont think she is ever gonna get tamed ..and i hope she wont…. cause these are the woman who has gone one step further in defining woman power in society like ours.

  3. Guys… specially nepalifilmlover….with those so call CELEBRITIES in nepal..nowdays.. Most of them don;t have any class.. ……………………..May be I m 3rd class but Most of them don;t have any class…… …….
    I will not point finger to all but most of them r just have fake show.
    ……..On screen they might look different but off screen.. everybody have their own fantasy world.
    ……………………….I think better to be call pakhe rather then celiebrity
    ……………………………wish they learn fewthings from our old actor/actress……………like mithila dd gauri dd and so so ..

    by the way.. got few close friends from tht field.. tht;s why my fingers move to comment….lol

  4. terrible trendsetter. the headline was just manipulated by this site. not impressive! Seriously now!

  5. While a average village girl is selling her body in dance bar in ktm to survive this stupid people still think wearing branded clothes or acting rich what he poping the country dirty filthy poor dosent mater id one wears fashoniable cloths the rest are in dry poverty U will burn in hell

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