Lauren Conrad Holidaying in Nepal


MTV reality TV star Lauren Conrad is currently holidaying in Nepal. The star who made her mark with the reality TV show Laguna Beach followed by The Hills alongside Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt had been travelling in India before her arrival in Nepal. She’s been sharing a lot of photos on her instagram, do go over and check it out. And if you happen to see a pretty blonde frolicking around Kathmandu then do go say Hello as well! The twenty-seven year old personality currently works as a fashion designer and an author.

Lauren Conrad Nepal 1 Lauren Conrad Nepal 2 Lauren Conrad Nepal 3 Lauren Conrad Nepal

Wow, from Mika, MIA, Founder of DIESEL Renzo Rosso to Lauren Conrad – Nepal is certainly being noticed… It’s nice to see that interest from people. And to those Nepalis living abroad who haven’t visited their country in 8 – 10 years, stop making excuses and do go for a visit. Having met countless people who say things like “Nepalma gayera ke garnu ra” is quite saddening… or coming up with excuses such as paisa chaina, samaye chaina, c’mon man… most people manage atleast a 2-week break. Anyways, to each their own… just saying, when these Hollywood/Celeb folks are going to Nepal and going all local, why are we being so difficult in visiting our own land. #theend

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  1. oh god i am freaking out..i am like fan of hers,i even read one of her books(LA candy) and i look up her blog like everyday,thanks lex for letting me know.

  2. i,ve alwez been a Huge fan of her since i first had a glimpse of her in THE HILLS,

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