Nepali Family Self-Immolates in Gujarat

Nepali Self Immolates India

A family of Nepali origin set themselves on fire in front of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation’s central zone office on Wednesday 3rd April. It is believed that the family had been protesting against the proposed demolition of their house in Raiyadhar area. Three members of the family died on Wednesday evening due to severe burns, the deceased have been identified as Bharat Bishwakarma (40), Girish Bishwakarma (35) and Ashadevi Bishwakarma. Basmatidevi and Rekhadevi are currently under the care of Deeyandal Hospital according to Mumbai-based Nepali journalist Prakash Paudel. You can read the full detailed story on Republica, here.

It’s very sad the way it had to end.

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  1. They always just watch. The tibetan monk self-immolating in KAthmandu a couple of months ago, the police men were just watching, doing nothing. Arms crossed, stationary, just watching, emotionless(ly) it looked like. Makes me sick to my stomach.
    Where’s the humanity????

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