Badshala Releasing on April 19

Badhshala has finally received the green light! The film will be releasing all over Nepal on April 19. The banning of Badhshala has resulted to huge interest in the film. I am sure the film will see an exceptional run in the cinemas, especially the opening weekend anyway. The film has already been screened in Australia and in several different locations in the UK. Badhshala’s next London screening takes place in Hounslow on the 14th of April.

Director Manoj Pandit has a strong star cast with Anup Baral, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa, Sarita Giri, Samuna KC and more. The film has a strong focus on the Maoist insurgency that killed over 13,000 between 1996-2006. I will be watching the film very soon and boy am I looking forward to it. The film team recently had a press conference to announce the recent developments. Photos by Will you be watching Badhshala, let us know!

Badhshala 1 Badhshala 2 Badhshala Official Poster

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