Creative Art of Pushpa Basnet by Artlab

Pushpa Basnet Wall Art 1 Pushpa Basnet Wall Art

The imaginative team at Artlab have recently splashed some colour and life onto a grey concrete wall, one of many in Kathmandu, with a portrait of CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet. Basnet who was the recipient of the popular title in 2012 has been providing housing, education and medical care for the children living inside Nepali prisons with their parents since the age of twenty-one. The art is located in Gongabu Bus Park.

Such mural paintings and various artistic graffitis are becoming popular sights in Kathmandu. I definitely want to go around and take some pictures next time I’m in the city, especially one of a tiger on a wall. That looks ahmaze too.

Great job by the Artlab team with the painting. I wonder who’s next! Rekha Thapa?? Muahah!

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