Badhshala Released in Nepal

Anup Baral in Badhshala
Anup Baral in Badhshala

This was a film that I was really Lexcited to watch! With it being banned and having such a historic and controversial topic, Badhshala had it all to lure us into the cinema. The performances in Badhshala by the entire cast is praiseworthy; there was a period where we felt that Nepali actors and actresses had lost their panache and that they were just faces. Badshala goes against that idea with fine performances by Anup Baral, Arpan Thapa and more. Saugat Malla’s dialogue delivery is pretty amazing. I loved the ending, quite sad in some ways. But do keep in mind that majority of the film consists of violent torture scenes.

On a parting note, we are aware of what happened during the civil/peoples war through stories, photos and statistics. But to see a portrayal in a visual form definitely makes you question, how do the revolutionaries feel right now? Were the years of bloodshed worth it? And the struggle for equality and justice continue.
Let me know what you thought of Badhshala.

PS. I read that the film has opened up to packed cinemas in Kathmandu.

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  1. I think many of people don’t know about Anup Baral once was a oldskool bboy & he was known as “Crazy Leg’ ,he was fantastic breaker back in 1980’s & hope some day he will show up his dancing talent through out the movie or direct some dance movies and oh ya..great martial artist as well (TKD), keep up the good work Anup dai!

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