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26.2 Miles is not a short distance. London Marathon, where thousands of hopefuls from all over the globe come together annually to raise money for different causes, meet their personal goals and promote marathon running is all set to take place this year on Sunday 21st April. For Monica Flanagan, this year is indeed special. The mother of three who is no stranger to marathons will be turning 40 this year and she is hoping to create a bang by running the Virgin London Marathon, one of the most popular in the world and also fund-raise for MAYA OUTREACH, a UK based charity organisation with aims to improve the lives of those affected by cancer in Nepal.

Even though the erratic British weather had disrupted few of Monica’s training efforts in the past, the mother of three is all set for this Sundays big event. The money raised by Monica will be put towards the employment of two community liaison cancer specialist nurses. The skill and experience of the specialist nurses will be utilized in providing exception medical awareness and information. The ladies of Maya Outreach and its supporters have previously taken part in different Nepali events in London including Nepali Mela. In the past Maya Outreach have supported Macmillan Cancer Support and Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital.

To sponsor Monica’s run and support Maya Outreach, there are several ways.

You can e-mail Mala Gurung at alternatively, drop a message on the official page of Maya Outreach Facebook, click here.

You can also send a cheque payable to Maya Outreach on the address below:

Maya Outreach
14 Central Avenue
Wishing Monica all the best for the big run and many kudos for the wonderful work by Maya Outreach.
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