Samsung Galaxy S4 for Nrs 71,900

Samsung Galaxy S4 Nepal Asmita Samsung Galaxy S4 Nepal Model

Samsung Galaxy S4 Nepal Malvika Subba

Samsung’s latest product, the Galaxy S4 was recently launched in Kathmandu at the Hotel Annapurna. The phone has many amazing features including a 13MP camera. The market price currently stands at Nrs 71,900.  I’ve been using my iPhone 4 for a while now and I definitely want to switch to the Galaxy S4 rather than opting for an iPhone 5. What do you guys suggest, do share your experiences with your phones. The launch event featured Malvika Subba as the emcee, beautiful models showcasing the phones and even a salsa performance. Anjil Maskey is the man with the camera, thank you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Nepal Launch Samsung Galaxy S4 Nepal Salsa Dance

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  1. Natak nai dherai fashion show n sala wtfish i wonder who would waste that much money for a phone where internet is so cheaappp natttttttttt

      • Ghar aaucha re hahaha euta Chinese bike pani aaudaina
        72000 bhaneko Nepali Rupees not Pound …
        J hos UK and Nepal ma same price rahecha S4 ko

        Yo price k ko ho s4 16 GB ko ho ki plus ko ho? Processor pani k cha hola.
        Exynos 5 Octa ho ki Quad nai ho. Octa ho bhane Chittha nai paryo.

        Note To LEX:
        Samsung is a book which shudnt judge by it’s cover (like iphone)
        That eye sensor video play back is DOPE and that Image editing is INSANE

        U r a facebooker They got facebook HOME too

        check out these video

  2. Smartphones are considerably the fastest growing devices today. Thanks for letting us to know about the Samsung Galaxy s4. It is awesome phone 😀

  3. Samsun is the highest selling smartphone brand in Nepal, with over 60% of sales. High-end flagship phones to budget phones, name it and you will get it in the Samsung brand. The after sale services and service centers of Samsung phones has also made it a go-to smartphone.

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