First Video Call From Everest By British Explorer

What a controversial season this year has been!

The Everest region has been in the news repeatedly for this that or the other. Whether it was the headlines of Nisha Adhikari and Arjun Karki on their illegal quest to climb the highest peak or the highest fight in the world when Sherpas and few mountaineers collided high above in the mountains; Everest continues to make news.

First video call from Everest
First video call from Everest

British explorer Daniel Hughes made history by conducting the first ever video call from Everest’s peak few days ago. Not only was the call beamed live into the BBC London studios but Hughes also wore the Red Nose as part of his bid to raise £1 Million for the charity Comic Relief. In the call which lasts just under three-minutes, Hughes gives the world a glimpse from the highest point in the world. The explorer is probably unaware that a permit is required to film or use alternative forms of communication on top of the Everest from the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC).

Using a satellite phone on Everest requires permission from the MoIC and a fee of Nrs 120,000. Filming for public broadcast could be as high at $10,000. It is unknown whether Hughes will be charged for making the video call.

PS. He used an HTC ONE to make the video call.

Source: Republica/BBC
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