DJ BICKEY To Play in New York and Boston!


He’s a household name in the UK! He has already played several nights in Kathmandu. The very popular DJ BICKEY from London will be playing in the US for the very first time on Friday 24th May at the Asian Masquerade Party at Club Glazz in Queens, New York. Dress to impress as this soiree will indeed have the music that will leave you talking for many days after. Doors open at 10PM and if you fancy catching the attention of many then go ahead and bring your own flashy mask!



DJ BICKEY will also be heading over to Boston to play at the NEPALI NIGHT taking place at NAGA on 27th May! Tickets for the Nepali Night are on sale at $15 Advance and $20 on the door. Make sure you quickly empty your schedule and leave plenty of time to party and recover! We can guarantee that his music will have you on your feet all night long.


Party Safe!

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  1. shit dj…plays only indian song..feelin sorry for states people though..ur well spent money will be ripped off thanks to bickey

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