Nepal’s Sexiest Men and Women By FOLIO Magazine

Nepals Sexiest Women – Shristi, Malvika and Jharana

Folio Magazine recently conducted a poll asking Facebook users who they thought were Nepal’s Most Sexiest Men and Women, very similar to People magazines Sexiest Man/Woman Alive list. The poll was also open to non-celebrity folks, I guess one should have prepared for a host of unknown faces and names. After all, us Nepali folks do take “online votes” religiously. While the list for the sexiest women is pretty much predictable, the mens ranking has come as a huge surprise. Quite a shock as well.

Nepals Sexiest Men – Kiran, Prashant and Akuj

The voting came to an end on the 10th of May and the results are:

Sexiest Men Alive
1. Kiran Shrestha With 1248 Votes
2. Prashant Gtm With 1106 Votes
3. Akuj Chhetri With 353 Votes
4. Yachnit SJB rana With 327 Votes
5. Manchin Shakya With 284 Votes
6. Anjil Maskey With 245 Votes
7. Prasan Syangden With 188 Votes
8. Rajesh Hamal With 134 Votes
9. Dikesh Malhotra With 94 Votes
10. Sanish Shakya With 88 Votes

Sexiest Women Alive
1. Shristi Shrestha With 694 Votes
2. Malvika Subba With 431 Votes
3. Jharana Bajracharya Rashid With 419 Votes
4. Priyanka Karki With 311 Votes
5. Sahana Vajracharya With 187 Votes
6. Namrata Shrestha With 162 Votes
7. Nisha Adhikari With 91 Votes
8. Nagma Shrestha With 70 Votes
9. Nilu Doma Sherpa With 68 Votes
10. Malina Joshi With 58 Votes

Okay – that is what the people online decided. My sexiest Top 3 would be (because 10 is too much) –

Sexiest Women 

1. Jharana Bajracharya
2. Sahana Bajracharya
3. Hema Shrestha

Sexiest Men

1. Suhrid Jyoti
2. Yachnit Sjb Rana
3. Paras Khadka

That would be my short and sweet list. Hema Shrestha is the face from Banma Fulyo Ful for those that might not be aware and Suhrid Jyoti was a familiar face quite some years ago, a contestant of Manhunt Nepal I think! Do drop a comment below and share your Top 3! Since Suhrid Jyoti is not really in the scene these days, the young cricketeer Prithu Baskota is an ideal name for the list too!

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  1. Sexiest Women
    1. Sahana Bajracharya
    2.Malina Joshi
    3. Jharana Bajracharya

    Sexiest Men
    1. Vinay Shrestha
    2. Lex Limbu 😀
    3.Paras Khadka

  2. Seems like Lex is lovin the simple plain commercial newari type of beauty. I personally find shristi shrestha more appealing than sahana or jharana. Atleast she is exotic looking. Those two are beautiful but way too girl next door. Shristi is like WOW.

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