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Going on TripAdvisor and making a point to read the reviews is something that I always do before I travel abroad. Nowadays, I’ve even started doing that before I check out new restaurants here in London. Aiming to provide a very transparent service and already leading the way with their high-local knowledge are PARAKHI. The online hotel guide which went live in 2011 has been continuously evolving to provide a quicker, easier and worry-free hotel booking for those visiting Nepal. Unlike other websites such as Expedia, the team at Parakhi are able to bring in their expertise to offer the best for those visiting Nepal. The website also lists accommodation ranging from $10-$100 USD per night. Bookings for the rooms can be made online through the website and they accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Like myself, if you are keen on getting to now what you’re letting yourself in for then Parakhi also has a Review section on the website offering reviews and photos of hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops in Kathmandu. The blogs on the website are handy for those who haven’t made their mind up about what activities to do in Pokhara or what kind of rare animals you might come across in Chitwan.

Parakhi Team - Suman, Dechen, Salangkar and Nirmal at the recent Pivot Mobile App Competition
Parakhi Team – Suman, Dechen, Salangkar and Nirmal at the recent Pivot Mobile App Competition

The driving force behind Parakhi consists of an energetic group of young Nepalis with a background ranging from business, programming, design and writing. The next few weeks will see Parakhi adding more hotels onto its list and also the launch of its upcoming mobile application. There could not be a better time to have an app. As sales for smartphones reach an all-time high, people are increasingly using mobile applications to search for flights and accommodation. This new medium for Parakhi will definitely help in reaching the mobile savvy population.

And for those living in New York, there is a growing number of reviews on Nepali/Tibetan restaurants and shops located in the big apple! Log on to Parakhi now, a perfect source for Nepalis and friends of Nepal.

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