Steve Chao’s Everest Anniversary Special

Steve Chao filming the Everest special for 101 East, Al Jazeera.
Steve Chao filming the Everest special for 101 East, Al Jazeera.

Steve Chao recently presented Everest 60th Anniversary for 101 EAST on Al Jazeera channel. The twenty-six minute long documentary is a nice insight into the changing face of Everest. For many, it was a dream to climb Everest in the past. However, the past few years has seen an increasing amount of people climbing the worlds highest peak for various different reasons. Some climbers that aim to scale Everest are arriving with no prior experience in climbing mountains. Unfortunately, such examples have led to fatal casualties.

With such a situation, should the Nepali government regulate Everest more and control the amount of permit that it gives each year? This also highlights the question regarding who should actually be climbing Everest? Some people are climbing to ‘become’ a public speaker or kickstart their career in politics, honestly – those reasons sound very daft. What do you think? I’ve never climbed Everest and have no idea regarding what its like but when I hear about someone who has never climbed a mountain that successfully returns from an Everest ascent, it does make me think “oh I think I can do that too”. Likewise, when I do read about the casualties I do wonder how they died as I think back to those few without any experience in climbing. However, huge kudos to everyone that has been part of Everest somehow in their lives. Thats my honest reaction… do watch the documentary and share what you guys think.

PS. Huge thank you to Sarah Djavit for sharing the link.

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