LAYASUTRA Performing At o12 Bar & Grill On July 28


If you’re into the Nepali music scene of the UK then you probably know about the very creative band LAYASUTRA. The London based band will be playing at the o12 Bar and Grill in Stratford on Sunday 28 July from 7PM onwards. The bar is just a stones throw away from Westfield shopping centre and a great place to catch up, chill and enjoy a few drinks. The evening will see Layasutra perform a range of classic Nepali folk songs. The five-man band definitely have their ways with traditional folk tunes. They bring their rock flavour to the classic songs and create fire. Enjoy the music with the fresh cocktails and sizzling momos at o12 Bar and Grill on Sunday evening.

Perfect way to welcome the week!

o12 Bar and Grill Restaurant in Stratford
o12 Bar and Grill Restaurant in Stratford

Layasutra performing at Camden Town in 2012

PS. Free entry for everyone.

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o12 Bar and Grill Restaurant in Stratford
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