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Photo by Mani Rai
Photo by Mani Rai

It’s not every day that you come across a Nepali band with so many supporters behind them, especially with us and our critical ways. However, JPT Rockerz is one band in the UK who’s won over the hearts of many since their formation nine years ago. The five talent came together to form the current line-up after sharing their mutual concept which was to simply make good music and entertain the people. Their fame is increasing globally as seen from their successful Israel tour in 2010 and recognition from newspapers in Nepal and the UK. With more than 3000 supporters on their Facebook page, JPT Rockerz have plans to record their first ever single followed by a full album. They cite music as something which never gets old and justifies the name JPT Rockerz as being a form of expression which these rock stars share. The front man Nabin Gurung exclusively spoke to me recently regarding the rising band.

Photo by Ashish
Photo by Ashish Mann

JPT Rockerz Group

How long have you been a musician for and what inspired you to become an artist?
I wouldn’t call myself a musician and taint, others’ hard earned reputation. People have been on this road for far too long. It’s a learning process, which I do with my every single breath…

Do you write your own songs and what are they about?

We love working on our own materials. When composing, every song is unique. Sometimes words are not enough that is when music plays a very important role. Human emotion is a topic we often use, as it is universal. But at times we find completeness working on abstract materials too.

Briefly can you describe the process you work on when you make a track?
We all have our own ways, as no mind’s alike. I tend to sit down with a cup of strong black coffee, and play with my guitar. I choose a subject and try to come up with different forms of conveying that simple message. But not every day is fruitful as your personal life can overshadow those thoughts. State of mind alone can change a song’s nature.

What live events have you performed in and the best thing about being a musician?
We have done a handful of live events to date, every experience is unique. Being a live band, chasing perfection is always our aim.

Mr Nabin Gurung, you’re quite a heartthrob for the ladies, can you tell us if you are single ready to mingle or committed?
Now that is a bit hard to digest, given the circumstances I feel like a dinosaur when I attend social events. I am a very reserved individual, which in some cases is misinterpreted.

If you had one super power what would it be?
The power to bring change and raise awareness.

Are there any other artists who you feel threatened by when it comes to competition?
Threatened is a strong word. Get inspired is the way to see it.

 How can fans access JPT Rockerz and their work?

At the moment we have home recordings on Facebook and a few on You Tube. But we very much prefer being there with the crowd, live on stage and being interconnected. Plans on recording our singles followed on by our first ever studio album is being discussed with our sponsors J

The Members!

Nabin – Vocals

Bijai – Guitar

Ajit – Guitar

Dinesh – Bass

Prabhash- Drums

Nabin Gurung singing Sodhyo

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