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With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, many Nepalis abroad may be wondering what they can possibly send to their loved ones back home. Only a click away is where you can browse through endless categories and have your family or friends receive a little something from you right away. The gift website which has been helping connect loved ones since 2011 receives orders from across the globe including Australia, Canada, USA and the UK. Apart from guaranteeing a high level of online security and reliable delivery, Namaste Service also offers a wide range of goods at competitive prices. If there’s something that you are not too sure about then don’t forget to drop the team a mail, they’ have vowed to stay on top of customer inquiries and will get to you straight away.

Go ahead and head over to and browse over thousands of good right away!


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  1. I really liked the service of because its always in time and the product are quality touched as well..Thank you for making my day special, most of the time..

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