Nepalese Got Talent in Dallas

Nepalese Got Talent Dallas

Televised talent shows such as Britains Got Talent and America’s Got Talent have received global success and also showcased many outstanding talents till date. Hoping to do the same within the Nepalese diaspora of the USA is Nepalese Got Talent, an event by NEU Law Productions in association with Vastika. The talent contest is scheduled to take place on January 4, 2014 in Dallas, USA. The event is hoping to audition as many hopefuls as possible from Dallas and other states. Unlike the televised shows, Nepalese Got Talent will not have judges deciding the fate of the contestants but the audience will have the power to keep their favourite contestants in. The organizers of the event have teamed up with the upcoming tech company Purple Quantum to provide text voting. The winner will receive a cash prize of US $1000 and receive networking opportunities to further their talent.

Finally, to top it all off – the event will also see the popular Karma band performing!

Head over to for more information on application and all that jazz!

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