KHAZZAMANDU – For The Foodies!

I stumbled across a recently launched TV show called KHAZZAMANDU on TTV and it’s pretty edgy! The half-hour long show features Khazza hunters Alok Thapa and Sarah Sapsanamma Rai who scour the streets in their bicycles to hunt down local food joints to give viewers their honest reviews! Four episodes of Khazzamandu is already up on youtube so feel free to bless yourself with the antics of Alok and Sarah – warning, there are quite a few cheesy moments. But it’s okay, cheesy is good. Khazzamandu nearly comes across like a reality show; very right there, in action – point and shoot! Pretty real. Kudos to TTV again (Kripa Unplugged Show) for another interesting show! On a real note – the intro to the show with the hosts cycling in front of a green screen is pretty cringeworthy… doing a new one wouldn’t hurt.

PS. I like the logo artwork of Khazzamandu.

Khazzamandu - Every Sunday at 8.30PM
Khazzamandu – Every Sunday at 8.30PM

Khazza Hunters - Sarah and Alok
Khazza Hunters – Sarah and Alok

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  1. why do i find the hosts so annoying. ali zabarjasti bhayo, their style is just… well afulai red wine bhantaneko jasto cha, but they taste like grape flavoured tang! ha!

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