Subani Moktan’s Flawless Cover of PARELIMA!

I only discovered the KRIPA UNPLUGGED SHOW today… damn, where have I been????

If you are a fan of Subani Moktan then you will simply love her cover of the popular song Parelima by 1974 AD! If you aren’t a fan then you will pretty much become a fan. She definitely has one the best voices and after you view few of her covers and her original songs from the KRIPA UNPLUGGED SHOW, you will love Subani Moktan just a bit more! The show features a wide range of familiar to new musicians, giving them an opportunity to sing their popular hits, new songs and do covers. The show aims to change the way people perceive music shows in Nepal – and I give them an applause for that!!

Watch Kripa Unplugged on TTV every Saturday from 8.30PM! If you don’t have the channel then you can easily browse the videos on their official youtube channel and stay connected through the Kripa Unplugged Facebook page!

So happy to see such fresh TV shows! Hope there’s plenty more of such TV shows in the pipeline.

Subani Moktan!
Subani Moktan – Photo by Jangu’s Photo (Facebook Page)

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  1. संगीत र धुन अर्कै हो जस्तो छ तर गीत र सब्द चाही तेही नै हो. किन किन सबै modern नेपाली गीतहरुको भाका र सब्द एकै हुन्छ? हजार भन्दा बडी हाम्रो नेपाली गायकहरु छ होला नेपालमा तर गीत भने चाही एउतै मात्र। न नया सब्द, न नया कोण, exactly copy हौ.

    उहिलेको हाम्रो नेपाली गीतहरु कहाँ गए कहाँ? एउटा नेपथ्य मात्र विडा थाम्ने छ बाकी सब “made in for fame and fortune only”

    हामी नेपालीहरुलाई कपी धरी गर्न औदैना।

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