Nepali YouTuber Bobby Gurung From Belgium

Lets file this under #MusicMondays

YouTube is full of aspiring singers, dancers, make-up artists and gazillions of people doing their own thing – it’s super easy to get lost in the madness. I recently came across several videos of Bobby Gurung from Belgium and I definitely think they are worth sharing here on Ze Blog. Whilst I liked his cover of Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, I actually really really liked the cover of Timi Nai Bhana by Sabin Rai. Loving his voice! The Sabin Rai cover deffo’ gave me the green light and I think he’s worth your few minutes too! The video is pretty well filmed and I liked the logo of Chahalpahal Media (the channel where the Sabin Rai cover is uploaded). Enjoy!

You can visit his YouTube page Grg Bobby by clicking here!

Bobby Gurung Covers Sunday Morning (Maroon 5).
Bobby Gurung Covers Sunday Morning (Maroon 5).

Covering Timi Nai Bhana by Sabin Rai
Covering Timi Nai Bhana by Sabin Rai

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