No European Destinations For Nepal Based Airlines


Uh-Oh! Just as we were celebrating Nepal’s rising position on TripAdvisor’s “Places on the Rise” – I am afraid there have been some unfortunate news making the rounds for the last couple of days. Well it’s actually a bad news in disguise – cutting a long story short – the European Union (EU) has banned all airlines based in Nepal from flying in the EU for safety reasons. The intriguing thing is that no Nepali airlines actually fly to the EU countries at the moment and with this ban in place – things look very very difficult for Nepali airlines aiming to do so in the near future. Bottomline – this EU flight ban should act as a wake-up call for the Nepali airlines in operation and the Civil Aviation Authorities of Nepal to step up their game and rebuild the trust between airlines and passengers.

Too many lives have been lost – Sita Air crash, Buddha Air crash, Agni Air crash, Yeti Airlines crash and it goes on.

What do you guys think?? Okay with the ban or should Nepal based airlines be allowed to fly to the EU countries??

PS. Read the news on Bloomberg

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