19 Killed; Buddha Air Crashes

I never knew this day too would come. A Buddha Air flight crashed at Kotdanda in Lalitpur on Sunday morning killing all 19 on board, the flight lost contact with the control tower at approx 7.30am. The flight was returning from an Everest Experience flight which had 10 Indian nationals, three other foreigners and three Nepalis alongside three Nepali crew members. Whilst 18 members died on the spot, one passenger was still conscious but he later died whilst being rushed to the B&B Hospital. Some eye witnesses are saying that the plane caught fire before it crashed.

At the moment the crash is being blamed on bad weather. A full investigation is still yet to be carried through.

This is the first ever crash for Buddha Air.

Prayers to the departed soul, friends and families.

UPDATE:  If you love reading post-analysis etc then you will love MyRepublica’s cover on Nepali Aviation and the Buddha Air Crash. To make life a bit easier, I’ve shared links below – do read.

Link 1 – News about the 1 passenger who was still alive after the crash and his long journey to the hospital. It says that if the police had been cooperative and let the injured passenger be taken for treatment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE he may have lived.

Link 2 – 22 Crashes in 19 Years, a report by MyRepublica on the past crashes with excerpts from key figures of the aviation industry.

Link 3 – Buddha Air, where did it all go wrong. Detailed information regarding the flight, passengers, information given by the Air Traffic Control etc.

Great coverage by MyRepubclia!

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  1. This is quite a shame for our nepali planes.First,our international planes were reported to be infested by mice and now local planes r crashing 1 by 1.Tourism was the biggest factor that had been providing jobs and income to our nation.Im sure,slowly that will disappear too.Sad.

  2. God bless them and their families at such a difficult time, i’ve always been scared when travelling in Local Nepali planes but had my trust in Buddha air with their good reputation, i guess nothing is perfect

  3. May the souls of the demised rest in peace and may God give their families the strength to live on with their memories!

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