Nihita on BIG BOSS 5??

One of the most notorious serious killer Charles Sobhraj dubbed Bikini Killer may have been locked in a prison in Nepal since the past year, nevertheless Sobhraj has constantly remained in the headlines whether it be rumors of Bollywood wanting to make a movie on his life or his marriage to 22 year old Nihita Biswas. Sobhraj is once again making headlines but this time it’s his beau Nihita who is all set to grab the spotlight. Media reports suggest that Nihita is set to participate in India’s version of Big Brother; BIG BOSS 5. The reality TV show which has previously brought Hollywood sex bombshell Pamela Anderson is hoping that having Nihita’s presence (a lover of a serial killer) will add a much needed spice to the controversial show. If this is really true then Nihita will become the first ever Nepali to participate in Big Boss 5.

Few info: Big Boss 5 will be aired on Colors from October 2, 2011 and will be hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. 
To read more about the Bikini Killer – Charles Sobhraj, click HERE.
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  1. thukka bejati….if this is true fellow nepalese BE READY FOR THE HUMILIATION we are gonna go through…disgrace! disgrace!

  2. she said she went to big boss to tell the world or india that shobraj isn’t the serial killer that the media medium portray him to be.she wears nice clothes and knows how to have a good conversation.sadly money is power in today’s century fucking bitch

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