New Look For Nepal Airlines!

Airline Livery Design by Biswas Pokhrel
Airline Livery Design by Bishwash Pokharel

Airline Livery Design by Bishwash Pokharel
Airline Livery Design by Bishwash Pokharel

Our very own Nepal Airlines will soon be receiving a make-over! The new patriotic design for the aircraft is by Bishwash Pokharel. I definitely like it more than the current Nepal Airlines Red and Blue stripe; that one is too simple and easily forgettable! These swirls and colours on the engine and winglet is pretty eye-catchy. News about the deal between Nepal and China emerged few weeks ago and if things go according to plan then Nepal Airlines will be receiving a 19-seater Harbin Y-12e and a 58-seater MA60 (Modern Ark 60) turboprop planes soon.

Here’s a copy and paste from The Kathmandu Post article:

Officials said China will deliver the first aircraft in the next two and half months. Tourism ministry officials said the aircraft manufacturer has already taken the livery and other designs of NAC. – The Kathmandu Post (Nov 15/2013)

PS. Nepal Airlines will be receiving two AIRBUS A320 in February 2015.

The current design of Nepal Airlines – let me know which one you like better?

Current design of Nepal Airlines
Current design of Nepal Airlines

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  1. Leaving the plane aside nepals flag is something that is not fit to be a national flag…like nepal has always been a single caste hindu brahman dominated country and this particular community influence is seen is also seen on the flag..
    That sun and moon sign and triangular shape is native flag of the surya and chandra vanshi clan of sisdodi rajputs from india…it in now way can represent all the communities of nepal..maobadi tried to bring inclusivesness by changing national anthem by making it more representative than just praising the hindu monarch..but the flag still remains same….its time nepal create a flag that is truley representative all sections of nepalese people rather thsn just a hindu rajput community.

  2. I’m definately not happy with the recent purchase of RA, which could be one of the reason that we are black listed from the EU zone.
    Keeping this aside and talking about the new colors…Hmmmm I’m not sure if I like it personally.
    It is really cool that it has the triangular shape flag and all that but does that look as elegant as the old one? Not sure.
    Loved the old simple two broaded lines, it’s chic and elegant and not too much.
    Anyways…my view.

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