You Fill Me Up – A Video For Dal Bhat By K.T. Mitchell

K.T Mitchell is back with another amazing video titled You Fill Me Up, the song is dedicated to Nepal’s love for Dal-Bhat – the meal that powers the nation. You Fill Me Up is lifted from the popular song You Raise Me Up composed by Secret Garden which later became a hit when recorded by Josh Groban and Westlife. The video by K.T. has some pretty cool Nepali one liners in between and the classic Nepali way of texting – example – “k 6?”.

The video follows K.T. venturing beyond the valley into the rice paddy fields, using a nanglo and all. Very fitting! And she is seen donning a special t-shirt with the holy words “Dal Bhat 24h Power”.

Love it!

And if you haven’t seen her previous video “I can only imagine” then you’re missing out – click here.

You-Fill-Me-Up You-Fill-Me-Up-1 You-Fill-Me-Up-2

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