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A new online shopping venture by the name of FataFatt.com was launched on the 1st of January at Tamas Lounge in Thamel, Kathmandu. The new generation shopping experience was inaugurated by Mr Biswas Dhakal, Founder President of F1soft International Pvt. Ltd. (developer of eSewa, fonepay, cash on ad). Speaking at the event, the man behind FataFatt.com Utsav Shrestha shared that FataFatt is not just a typical e-commerce model but is added with many features to look and perform exactly like eBay.com

FataFatt.com invites businesses to create an account and use the medium to connect with consumers and increase their revenue. The team will be working round the clock to ensure that shoppers will receive the best price and that partnered businesses will be visible on the website. Head over to FataFatt.com to see what’s on offer and if you have an old gadget or something that you think will be of use to someone else then all it takes is the creation of an account and then you can start selling that old phone or so!

Fatafatt.com officially began operation from January 5.

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  1. ther is another indian online shopping site fattafat.com… cud be mistaken easily… similar interfaces are used…

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