Divine Apathy : Jharana Bajracharya By Sanjog Rai & Team

Photo by Sanjog Rai
Photo by Sanjog Rai

This photo is amazing! You just cannot stop looking at it and the details – such an amazing concept. Hats off to everyone who was involved in the creation of this image. I shared this photo by Sanjog Rai, a truly gifted photographer – over on my Facebook page and it has racked up over 2000 likes and plenty of positive comments. The head-gear, the make-up and all – and of course, Jharana Bajracharya! I always knew she was a goddess and this just confirmed it haha!

Divine Apathy
Photographed by: Sanjog Rai art photography
Head gear and ornaments designed by: Bipen Gurung
Makeup Artist: Shradha Maskey
Model: Jharna Bajracharya
Styling intern: Rhea Pradhan
Photography intern: Satyam Rai
Cincept designed by: Sanjog Rai art photography and team.

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