The Serious Man : Ayushman Joshi

Ayushman-Joshi-A-Serious-Man-Issue Ayushman-Joshi-Nepal

Ayushman-Joshi-LIVING-2 Ayushman-Joshi-LIVING-1 Ayushman-Joshi-LIVING

I wanted to share these photos on the blog a long while ago but it never happened… here it is though! It features the Manhunt Nepal contestant and a familiar face of Kathmandu’s social scene – twenty-one year old Ayushman Joshi. The photos were published on the January issue of LIVING magazine for a feature titled “The Serious Man”.

I particularly liked the gritty style of photography and the rough/messy setting, you know – with the Transformers poster, a bottle and cigarettes just here and there. Let’s not forget that Ayushman himself is a guaranteed feast for the eyes as well.

Cool Cool.

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  1. Nice series! When you talk about a particular collection like this, it would be great to give credit to the photographer as well. We have so much talent in Nepal! Great to see this 🙂

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