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I present you all with a new post feature titled ‘THITO ALERT’. Thito Alert aims to share photos of good-looking Nepali guys that are famous or on the road to becoming famous. Well, doing something. Don’t worry, I wont be stalking Facebook and just snatching a random persons photo. I’ve got RAMRI ALERT which focuses on the women so I thought it was about time that there was a THITO ALERT. You can send suggestions to or tweet to @lexlimbu

Prithu Baskota TEENZ Prithu Baskota

20 year old Prithu Baskota is the captain of the team representing Nepal at the ICC-Under 19 Cricket World Cup in Australia! All the best to TEAM NEPAL, you have our full support. Prithu has also been featured on this months TEENZ mag! The magazine which previously had Samriddhi Rai as an editor is known to feature fresh faces. Asmee Shrestha who was previously on RAMRI ALERT has also had her very own feature on the mag. 
Well ladies and gents, whatdya think? If you like what ya see then go grab a copy of this months TEENZ. Only Nrs 30!

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  2. For the previous commenter,
    As Leonardo Di Caprio said in movie Blood Dimond, TIA: This is Africa.
    On this case, TIN: This is Nepal. Everything is possible. It’s good that he is representing Nepal in front of the whole world. Let’s not worry about his age and keep supporting him.

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