Priyanka Karki Sings With Yama Buddha!

Now here’s something I was not expecting! We all know she can dance, act (let’s not argue) but sing??? Took me by surprise. Here’s the JHOLAY actress Priyanka Karki singing AAWARAN alongside the NepHop giant YAMA BUDDHA. AAWARAN is an upcoming Nepali film starring Priyanka Karki, Divya Dev, Sushilraj Pandey, Naresh Poudel, Rashmi Bhatta and Rajan Ishan. The film has been directed by Subash Koirala of ‘Apabad’ fame.

Pretty okay Priyanka! Now I look forward to an all-out club banger with some slick dance moves and hair flips!

Model. Actress. Dancer. Singer. Priyanka Karki.
Model. Actress. Dancer. Singer. Priyanka Karki.

Aawaran…( Ost Aawaran )
Priyanka karki Ft. Yama Buddha
Music/Lyrics: Sailendra Singh/ Shailesh Shrestha
Cinematographer: Hari Humagai
Colorist: Sudeep Shrestha
Direction: Subash Koirala
Air Crew Production

PS. Priyanka Karki’s latest release Nai Nabhannu La 2 has apparently done over 60 Lakhs in two days! Congrats!!

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