Priyanka Karki & Dayahang Rai in JHOLAY!!

JHOLAY - Feb 21, 2014
JHOLAY – Feb 21, 2014

Huge apologies for becoming such a lazy blogger these days – I blame reality for keeping me busy.

Pretty face Priyanka Karki is back with another film! The actress who has been part of several films in the past two years including Kollywood, 3 Lovers, Vigilante 3D and Mero Love Story will soon be sharing the screen with the talented Dayahang Rai in JHOLAY! The film by Dipendra K Khanal is expected to hit the cinemas across Nepal on the 21st of February! Quite a few Nepali films to look forward to in the first quarter of 2014 – well, that’s MOKSHYA, RAGHAV and JHOLAY!

I like the fresh approach to the poster artwork of JHOLAY. Looks fun and eye-catchy! JHOLAY has the potential to be a laugh riot. Out of all the trailers that I have seen of Priyanka Karki films – I believe she comes off the most convincing in JHOLAY. Genuinely excited for the film and hopefully it works well with the audiences across the country.

PS. Let me know if the trailer worked for you or not??

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