Check out this recently uploaded official trailer of the upcoming Nepali feature film RAGHAV!

Whilst some trailers barely last 2 minutes, the trailer for RAGHAV is a good 3 Minute 17 seconds long. I am impressed. I really enjoyed the first 50 seconds of the trailer and judging by the glimpse of what I’ve seen, I feel like Raghav (played by Shibir Pokharel) will be quite the character to keep an eye out for. I’m pretty sure there are many Raghav’s out there, after all – we’ve all tried to make a long-distance relationship work haven’t we? Kudos to those soldiering on and making it work! To find out what happens to Raghav means a wait until the release of the film in March 2014! Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Lastly – the Timro Tyo song from the original soundtrack of Raghav by the soulful Sanjeev Singh is pretty good and catchy. Seeing the posters of the film I was a bit ‘meh’ but now I am looking forward to seizing the opportunity to watch Raghav. Well, it certainly looks better than others on offer, muaharha!



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