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RAGHAV is an upcoming Nepali film directed by US based Nepali Bhupendra Bhattarai. The romantic drama will be warming up screens near you in March 2014. If you’re tired of seeing the same faces plastered across Nepali film posters then you’ll be glad to know that Raghav boasts of several new faces. The makers have recently shared a motion poster and a normal poster of the film, giving a glimpse of what’s heading their way. The beautiful poster has been designed by Ananda Maharjan and interpreted into a motion poster by Shashank Shrestha.

Starring: Shibir Pokharel, Asmita Dhakal, Cait Brasel, Ashishma Nakarmi, Rocken Byanjankar
Cinematographer: Srizan Gangol, Bhupendra Bhattarai
Editor/Colorist: Shashank Shrestha
Publicity Design: Ananda K. Maharjan
Music: Sanjeev Singh, The Maaya Band, Manav Subedi, Suman Udaya
Sound/Background Score: Utsab Giri
Nepal Production: Chhaproma
Executive Producer: Raj Ballav Koirala
Producer: Sandeep Kundaliya
Story Screenplay and Directed by: Bhupendra Bhattarai
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