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Maya Outreach for Macmillan Cancer Support, March 2013
Maya Outreach for Macmillan Cancer Support, March 2013

UK based charity Maya Outreach has received over £2000 in donations this year! Valued trustee member Anup Shrestha will be heading to Nepal in January next month to carry out several tasks on behalf of Maya Outreach. Shrestha will be donating a certain percentage of the amount to Upachar Dan, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, coordinating with Nepal Cancer Relief Society to set up a clinic – mobile pap smear tests in Pokhara and financially assisting Newhope Nepal to conduct health camps in remote villages of Sindhuli district. Now that’s what you call starting a year with a bang!

Founder of Maya Outreach Mala Gurung would like to extend many thanks to every donors and especially Kirat Yakthung Chumlung UK (£72), LHA Mehndo Tamang Society London (£270) and QOGLR Gurkha Wives (£125).

On the agenda for the upcoming year – ways to improve the lives of the Nepalese elderly population and vulnerable groups living across London. The charity will be looking at how they can provide better services through English classes, efficient signposts, translation services, better circulation of information regarding health services and a Nepalese Information Centre. The charity would like you to be part of this month long pilot study and urge people to write in their 3 main concerns that are affecting their livelihood. The Ealing Council in  London provides grants and funding for various initiatives and your help can go a long way for Maya Outreach and the elderly Nepali population of London. Get in touch!

Contact Maya Outreact

Maya Outreach
Lido Centre
63 Mattock lane
W13 9LA
Email: mala@mayaoutreach.org
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