Nepali Film HIGHWAY Now On iTunes

HIGHWAY Film on iTunes
HIGHWAY Film on iTunes

Popular Nepali film HIGHWAY is now available to buy or rent on iTunes!

The film which received massive critical success was also showcased at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival in 2012. I just bought my HD copy through iTunes and I will definitely share my few words about the film after I see it on this very post. HIGHWAY was one of the most eagerly awaited Nepali films of recent times. Though a critical success, many viewers in Nepal were left disappointed by the film. However there were people out there that loved the film as well. Makes it very intriguing! I can’t wait to watch it.

I weirdly think that I will end up liking the film… we shall see!


Finally got around to watching HIGHWAY and one word to sum up the whole film; INCOMPLETE. It’s almost as if the film ran out of money whilst in the post-production stage and was forced to bring certain characters stories to an end, leaving many of us clueless regarding the journeys of others. The film had a potential to be a great film, a memorable experience for cine-goers and a great one for the actors involved but with so many actors and actresses showcased, you’ll struggle to remember anyone by the end of the 90 minute feature. I believe I may have watched the international version (bought it on iTunes) because the film felt even shorter and the one that I watched had no lines from Rabindra Mishra…

Anyways’ it could have been a great watch with amazing stories but it feels rushed, “tries too hard” and is a total disappointment. The most memorable thing about the film is that it was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and you instantly wonder, “why”.

Enjoy Highway!

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