The Not Quite Sensational Come On Baby Song From RITU Film

So where shall I start.

Upcoming Nepali film RITU starring Raj Ballav Koirala, Malina Joshi and Reema Bishwokarma recently released a song from the film called COME ON BABY and my verdict is – let’s not go there baby. Actress Reema Bishwokarma is beautiful hands down however it is quite unfortunate to see her in this cringe’tastic video fully accompanied with lacklustre choreography and below average music. The viewing experience was certainly awkward and it didn’t help to see the back-up dancers dancing very… awkwardly. The upcoming love story has been filmed in Australia and directed by Aussie based Manoj Adhikari. I believe there is a good team of creative folks involved in RITU and I just don’t understand how that resulted to the making of Come On Baby.

Here’s to hoping that RITU remains a solid love story uniting filmgoers from all over.


Totally awks.
Totally awks.

Song: Come on Baby…
Singers: Aastha B. and Tsujil Karmacharya
Lyrics: Nishprabh Saji
Music: Tsujil Karmacharya

Readers, please let me know your honest thoughts – am I being too harsh or did you enjoy the song/video?

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  1. The video’s alright. Methinks you are just being bit over the-top-critical about it. Lets get that conservative ”nepali movie hahha” attitude. out

    • Yeah i liked it not bad– me being in sydney myself i felt bit funny watching al those foreigners as a side dancers– but yeah cinematography is good and picturr quality way too good mate!!! Its a nice try— music is bit soggy but its a very nice try!!! !all i can say is kip it up!!! One day i will b makin a movie n would love to have lex to do critic comment on tgt– good on u everyone— i didnt like but yeah its not bad

  2. the presentation of the movie was far better than the any of the Nepali movies. Of course, our industry has lot more to learn and improve but u r being bit too demotivating critic which this video didn’t deserve at all!!!! please write equal amount of positive and negative critique so you inspire artist to work on more awesome project than these!! our industry needs inspiration and good criticism which will help them to improve. ahile nai time bhako chaina negative comment matra diney. our industry needs boost up , inspiration and good suggestion from a celeb like you!!!

  3. Yes you are right Lex. I liked the music though but the choreography sucks. The video quality is good. There could be some good dance step to this song but it lacks. Hope the movie deserves to be watched.

  4. The video just looks like a parody of some Bollywood song. The music and the lyric are too cheesy and dull in itself. There is no creativity or orgiiality. Read some comments about how they like the video. I’m just wondering they must be deaf to call this piece of shit “music”. Also that they are so defensive regarding the attempt of making such video and asking people to encourage them to do better. In my opinion, whoever made this video should quit making music, sit home and scratch their balls.

  5. Okie first of all only the girl was being focused the whole time and looked like the director was expecting the girl’s expression to do the magic and hardly putting effort on the music , lyrics (which is awful), choreography and what not. Yes the side dancers look extremely awkward lex . The whole song starts and end on the beach and on just daylight . They could have probably shot some part while the sunset or at night beach party would have been better. It’s not that bad 🙂

  6. The songs sounds ok but ya you are right about the choreography. The backgraound dancers are so bad, its kinda awkard to see them. The video quality looks…I hope the movie will be a better one!

  7. one word Vomit to the music video , i dont know what the choreographer was thinking while making this movie 90’s style or over style lol bahhaha ended up takaaa tukaaa lol bahahaha OH GOD sydney smart ass people always ends up a JOKE

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