Remembering The Sherpas : Everest Avalanche…


By now many of you are probably aware of the devastating Everest avalanche that has taken the lives of 16 Sherpas. Thirteen bodies have been retrieved. The avalanche which took place on Friday is said to be the deadliest accident on Mount Everest in its recent past. The avalanche struck an area just above the Khumbu ice fall. Very saddening to hear about this news at the very beginning of the Everest season.

Huge salute to the Sherpas who are the backbone of Nepal’s mountain tourism. And as the article linked below – The Value of a Sherpa Life questions, I hope, we learn and question more regarding the role of Sherpas and their value.

This is an article I recommend for reading – The Value of a Sherpa Life from Outside.

Read more about the Everest Avalanche on CNN.

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