From $25,000 to $11,000 – It’s an EVEREST Sale!


I’ve never climbed Everest or been to the Sagarmatha region but with all the news that we hear about the highest peak in the world becoming more congested and littered, I definitely feel that the decision to lower the climbing fees is not a wise move. Of course, this will attract many more thousands of climbers waiting to climb the highest mountain in the world and that directly and indirectly will support the community, create jobs and growth in the area but slashing the fees to $11,000 USD from $25,000 in a bid to attract more climbers is definitely a greedy move. That price reduction is more than a half?? Why so low – or why was it so high in the first place then?

According to Yahoo, Nepal makes $3.3 Million a year from climbing fees. Of course everyone would probably want to go for Everest than opt for other peaks but focusing on the other peaks and creating an environment that promotes accessibility would be good so the tourist money will benefit those rural communities as well.

Anyways’ that is my view. What do you guys think, slashing the climbing fee of Everest AND the rest of the peaks – is that a good move?

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