Nisha Adhikari Returns From Everest

Nisha Adhikari arrives in Kathmandu. Photo by Kaushal Adhikari (Kantipur).
Nisha Adhikari arrives in Kathmandu. Photo by Kaushal Adhikari (Kantipur).

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari made it on top of Mount Everest at 8AM on Tuesday May 21. The actress has also become the very first Nepali actress to scale the world’s highest mountain. Actor Arjun Karki and Nisha Adhikari had repeatedly made headlines prior to their Everest ascent for not being in possession with the right documents to climb Everest. The actors are believed to have climbed the mountain as ‘assistants’ for a Chinese expedition team. Arjun Karki reached the top of Everest a day before Nisha on Monday May 20. The Apabad actress has returned safely back to Kathmandu. Some amazing climbers this season, from the first female Saudi climber to the oldest and a British explorer making the first video call and creating a huge controversy, Everest is surely creating the biggest headlines this year. Congratulations to Nisha Adhikari and Arjun Karki for climbing the worlds highest mountain.

Now what I am really waiting for is proper images of Nisha on top of Mount Everest, hmm if I was her I would probably upload those photos by the time I get to the camps with 3G network or Namche bazaar.

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