Nisha Adhikari v Nisha Adhikari at TGIF Nepal Fashion Week!!

Photo: TGIF Nepal Fashion Week Facebook
Photo: TGIF Nepal Fashion Week Facebook

Photo: Anjil Maskey
Photo: Anjil Maskey

Oh Boy!!

I try to keep my opinions to myself but I can’t help but share that the white wedding dress worn by Nisha Adhikari on DAY 2 of TGIF Nepal Fashion Week looks just so hideous. It feels like it came right out of a Nepali film from the late nineties to early 2000’s. Honestly, quite a lot of the offerings at Nepal’s biggest fashion event is nothing but a spectacle. The thing is, I am not writing this to “put people down” but I write this to provide an honest view, it might only be me who thinks that but thats my view. And to me, knowing that this fashion week is Nepal’s most “extravagant fashion event” – I instantly expect more and know that the designers are capable of much more.

Fortunately, the fierce actress worked her magic and looked hawwwt on DAY 3 of the Fashion Week! High heels, a simple dress and red lipstick worked wonders for the actress as she strutted her stuff alongside MUKHAUTA actors Harshika Shrestha, Aarpan Thapa and Saugat Malla.

Nisha Adhikari v Nisha Adhikari
Nisha Adhikari v Nisha Adhikari

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