Nepali Film RED MONSOON Releasing Soon!

The original soundtrack “Pailaharu” by Lochan Rijal from the upcoming Eeelum Dixit directed film RED MONSOON has been making the rounds online and if the song and the video is a sign of what to expect then Red Monsoon is faring out to be a quite a watch for Nepali cine-goers. The Blue Bug Productions film is set to release in cinemas across Nepal on May 9. Labeled as domestic drama, Red Monsoon stars Shristi Ghimire, Himali Dixit, Sandip Chhetri, Sarita Giri, Sudam Ck and more.

Releasing MAY 9
Releasing MAY 9

Here is what the ABOUT section reads from the official Red Monsoon website:

Red Monsoon is a domestic drama that revolves around the lives of characters based in and around Lalitpur, Nepal. Written and directed by Eelum Dixit, the film brings to screen the tangible and intangible affects that the existing heirarchical and patriarchal society might have on particularly the women and the youth of society.

Red Monsoon was adapted from an unpublished short story called Sharan, which was written by Karuna Sharma.

The film has been screened in the Mumbai Film Festival and the San Juan International Film Festival so far. It has been selected for the upcoming Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival as well.

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