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Online shopping seems to be really taking over! Thanks to the huge growth in online shopping in the UK, many high-street and independent stores have gone bust. The story in Nepal may not quite be the same but you cannot deny the fact that online shopping is picking up in Kathmandu. From non resident Nepalis buying gifts and shopping for friends and family in Nepal to people in Nepal shopping online for personal convenience, better days are yet to come for major shopping sites such as Muncha, Sasto Deal and more.

Joining the online crowd is ONTREAT, a restaurant booking and food buying service that aims to treat and surprise people! The best thing is – as most things online – you can be anywhere in the world and book a table and an all-out dining experience for your friends and family living in Nepal. From Mothers Day specials to days of festivities and celebrations, ONTREAT aims to become the go-to site for people aiming to seek a time-efficient dining experience.

PS. It’s always good to read peoples experience! Visit the site and read/watch what people said about ONTREAT.

How It Works!
How It Works!

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